Writing is solitary. Creating effective communication is not. 

We're in this together. If a client says, "We need a brochure," I usually assume they're right, but I'll still ask why they think that, who will be reading it, and what they want the reader to do as a result. Because maybe the most effective solution is actually a creative short video or well-crafted letter. I've got nothing against brochures. I'm just a fan of creating successful communication.


Over the years, I've found it's the collaboration and strategic considerations that turn clients into repeat clients.​

Random stuff about this guy

Two journalist parents. Printer's ink in the blood. Warped by stints as agency creative director, national advertising manager, global communication strategy consultant, freelance creative, writer, and editor. A career focused on developing and executing effective marketing and behavior-change strategies by creating original concepts and compelling online, video and print content that connects and resonates with its audience. Awards from the Austin Advertising Federation, Art Directors Club of Houston, Business Insurance magazine, Houston Advertising Federation, International Association of Business Communicators, and The New York International Film Festivals.

If the right words matter to you and your business, let's talk. 

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Located just outside Austin, Texas, with 30+ years of experience helping local, national and international clients solve their writing and communication challenges with creative, effective and reliable freelance writing services.  

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