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The Work

Some of it, anyway. Poke around, see what you think, kick the tires. Use these

examples to help visualize how we can help you fulfill your communication needs

across all types of media. 

Web Content

Web Content (click any image to launch)


Written and formatted  specifically for the online experience; engaging, easy to digest and focused on the actions you want your audience to take.

Pharmacy benefits marketing site


Purpose: Deliver marketing and informational content for a pharmacy benefit management company that reflects its newly developed brand and voice

> Communication Strategy

> Brand Positioning

> B2B Marketing


Client: PDMI

Content Focus: Pharmacy benefits management

Design by McCraw Design

Marketing Collateral (click any image to view)


Whether online or on paper, we can engage, promote, influence, educate, instruct, motivate, or simply tell your compelling story with brochures, fact sheets, newsletters, booklets, guides, mailers, etc.

Marketing Collateral

Benefits e-guide

Purpose: Market and explain company benefits to diverse employee audience using a more creative "lifestyle magazine" approach 

> Employee Communication

> B2C Marketing


Client: Stewart Title

Content Focus: Employee benefits

Note: For web security, linking functions within document have been disabled.

Business Writing (click any image to view)


Whether you're preparing an elaborate proposal or presentation, a press release or white paper, or just a letter to a potential customer, the principles of effective communication apply. You must get your audience's attention, give them a reason to care, and tell a polished, compelling story.

Business Writing
Internal branding proposal


Purpose: The "creative" portion of a larger proposal making the case for the client to develop and communicate an internal brand for the employee experience at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas 

(Work was awarded.)

> Brand Positioning 

> B2B Marketing 

Client: Hewitt Associates

Content Focus: Employee experience, communication

Advertising (click any image to view)


Trade- or consumer-focused, advertising content is less about context than it is about immediate impact. Headlines that punch, body copy that moves. If your audience identifies with the story you tell, you win. 


Call for submissions poster 


Purpose: Encourage Austin, TX-area ad agencies to make submissions for Austin Ad Fed Addy Awards, which featured an exhibition match by Texas Roller Girls roller derby team (Set record for submissions and attendance.)

> B2B Marketing


Client: Austin Advertising Federation

Content Focus: Creative arts, advertising, events

Design by McCraw Design

Blog & Editorial Content (click any image to view)

Even though they feel more like "journalism" than "marketing," these kinds of pieces (columns, articles, executive ghostwriting, blogs, etc.) almost always express a point of view and can be used for "context marketing," enlightenment, or brand reinforcement. 

Editoral Writing

Blog articles 


Purpose: Provide both general and specific information to consumers about health care, benefits, insurance coverage, prescription drugs, etc. to help market the client's prescription drug price transparency tool.

> Editorial Content, B2C


Client: RxSaver by RetailMeNot

Content Focus: Health, health care, insurance, benefits



Video (click ">" to play)


The eye is immediately drawn to movement. A short, well-written video (or series) engages and compels viewers to learn more or take action, and is unbeatable for simplifying even complex concepts and information. It all starts with the story.

Health screening promotion


Purpose: Demystify and reassure employees about the ease and safety of undergoing a simple health screening that would lower their medical coverage cost

> B2C Marketing

> Employee Communication


Client: University of Southern California

Content Focus : Health care, benefits

"Hands-only" CPR promotion


Purpose: Introduce the concept of "hands-only" CPR, emphasizing how simple it is. Shown during timeouts at University of Texas (Austin) sports events, there could be no voiceover narration.  

> B2C Marketing


Client: St. David's Hospital

Content Focus: Emergency medical care

National Surgery Network


Purpose: Explain and market a new concept allowing  companies to manage the cost of surgeries while ensuring high quality care for their employees  

> B2B Marketing


Client: National Surgery Network

Content Focus: Health care, medical costs

Health care enrollment (montage)  


Purpose: Introduce new types of benefits programs that represented significant changes, help employees understand their choices, and provide considerations for deciding


> Employee Communication

> B2C Marketing


Clients: Tesla, Starbucks, Thompson Reuters 

Content Focus: Change, health care benefits

Note: Sixteen short videos for three different clients were edited into the single, 6:40 montage at left. 

Nonprofit tech conference opening


Purpose: Set both an inspirational and aspirational mood at the kickoff of a large annual technology conference hosted by the client, which is the largest provider of fundraising and marketing software for nonprofits   

> B2B Marketing

> B2C Marketing


Client: Convio 

Content Focus: Historical perspectives, technology

"Help! I need to find a new doctor!"


Purpose: Reassure employees who choose a new health plan (or whose doctors are no longer in-network) that they will be able to find a new doctor they like, and provide some tips to make the process less arduous

> Employee Communication

> B2C Marketing


Client: Aon Hewitt

Content Focus: Health care

"The Pitch" event promotion 


Purpose: Teaser and interstitial for Austin, TX Ad Fed Addy Awards, which featured an exhibition match by Texas Roller Girls, drawing parallels between the ad business and roller derby (Set record for submissions and attendance.)

> Employee Communication

> B2C Marketing


Client: Austin Advertising Federation

Content Focus: Advertising, entertainment

Addys Related Video

Advocacy services promo


Purpose: Announce and encourage Starbucks employees to use a new service that works on behalf of the individual to resolve health care issues and helps with choosing a medical plan 

> Employee Communication

> B2C Marketing


Client: Starbucks

Content Focus: Health care, benefits

Tech security conference opening


Purpose: Spotlight the client's total enterprise web security and efficiency monitoring system as part of the kickoff for their annual sales and marketing conference 

> B2B Marketing


Client: BlueCoat

Content Focus: Technology, web security

"Securing Your Future"


Purpose: Introduce and simplify basic concepts about tax-deferred retirement plans, saving and investing. Shown as a series of vignettes during meetings to an employee audience with little financial knowledge 

> Employee Communication

> B2C Marketing


Client: Sisters of Charity

Content Focus: Retirement planning, savings and investments

Note: Video is edited for length 

Related SOC Video

"BRAAAD, Master of the IT Universe" (Series of 3)


Purpose: Use humor to market the client's software, which solves a variety of utilization and resource problems common to large, enterprise IT departments. Conceptually, the software turns the company's IT director into a comic book-type superhero who battles super villain Doctor Chaos. 

> B2B Marketing


Client: Hyperformix

Content Focus: Technology

Note: The video here is a short compilation of segments from all three videos in the series. 

"Help Me Choose"   


Purpose: Promote the use of an online tool designed to make choosing health care coverage less daunting 


> Employee Communication

> B2C Marketing


Client: Alight Solutions 

Content Focus: Change, health care benefits

Compensation conference opening


Purpose: Use humor to kick off a conference about "broadband" compensation, a typically dry subject, and loosen up the audience of compensation managers, many of whom were struggling with their companies' implementation of the new system. 

> B2B Marketing


Client: Hewitt Associates

Content Focus: Compensation, entertainment

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