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Brand Positioning


Words and imagery that reflect the purpose, vision, goals, personality and culture of your company, and represent your promise to both external and internal stakeholders

If carefully developed, thoughtfully expressed and consistently applied across all of your communications, over time your brand can create exceptional value. 

If your brand is already known and well-developed: I can help you verbalize and document its essence through brand guidelines and other material to ensure all of your communication, now and in the future, reinforces your brand through consistency in substance, style, tone and voice.

If you want help establishing (or changing) your brand: I will work with your graphic design team to explore, establish and document key attributes to reflect in your brand. In other words, who you are, and how best to show that to the world. 

Brand and positioning documents are typically well-guarded and covered by NDAs, but click on the images below for a few examples. If you think you might be interested in pursuing a branding/positioning project, please contact me and I'll share additional project documents with you directly. 

Client Letters

Planning Documents

Press Releases

Brand Guides

Positioning Documents

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