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Everything here has a common goal: to identify, create and deliver the right message for accomplishing your objectives, integrated across the most effective media for reaching each of your audiences. 

Start here if "Ready! Fire! Aim!" doesn't work for you. 


These planning steps can be extremely important, but they don't have to be drawn-out or expensive. Some might dismiss them as "fluffy consultant-speak" (or worse) and kick them to the curb, preferring to start immediately on something more "meaty." But choosing not to plan is still a plan—it's just a really bad one. These will save you time and headaches. Especially if you're not a communication professional, but you still need to succeed like one. 

Let's make sure

what you want

is really

what you need...  



Before we

say anything,

let's make sure someone's listening...



What "type" of writing help do you need?


It depends on who your audience is and what you want to say to them. I can provide new content or, to supplement your internal resources (if any), I can provide standalone editorial services for making your existing content shine its brightest. 

Explore these categories as a starting point, keeping in mind there's a lot of overlap in characteristics, principles, tactics and deliverables. Your communication strategy dictates which deliverables and/or services you'll need for each message and audience. 

Check out the sample deliverables on these pages, and find more on The Work.

Longer sales cycle, based more on  logic than on emotion 


Business (B2B)

Why your company? What's in it for me? And be quick about it.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

How do you reach such an essential yet skeptical audience? 



Want to build brand value? Differentiate yourself clearly and consistently. 



Express your point of view through blogs, columns, articles, etc. 

Blog & Editorial 


Make your existing content better. Or just easier to read. And without typos.

Editing, Review & Rewriting

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