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Employee Communication


Applying marketing/advertising and branding principles to reinforce the total rewards you offer, increase understanding of critical information, build trust, grow your culture and strengthen engagement among your company's greatest asset—your employees 


An organization’s employees are often its most skeptical audience. Worldwide, less than half of full-time workers—only 38% in the U.S.—trust their employers.* As in any relationship, trust (which fuels culture and engagement) develops over time and depends on (among other things) regular, thoughtful, honest, two-way communication.

It also helps if you can juggle. ​To be successful, your employee communication must satisfy a diverse group of stakeholders, create an engaging “consumer” experience that balances detail and brevity, all while ensuring accuracy and legal compliance. Audiences span the C-suite to the loading dock, and subjects range from operational training to company culture to benefits, compensation and performance management.


My job is to create a thoughtful blend of consumer-driven marketing, advertising, informational, educational, motivational and legal communication that form clear connections to business objectives, delivered in an authentic voice that reflects your company’s brand and culture.

Click the images below for a few examples of Employee Communication I've written or contributed to. For more, see The Work. ​

*EY 2016 Global Generations study


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