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Because words can't right themselves.

Ineffective communication wastes energy and resources. No one has time for that.

In today’s world of "communication by character count," your message gets one fleeting chance to stand out, capture attention, make your point and move your audience to act before they move on. 


Here's how we'll make your message count. You tell me who you need to reach, how you want them to feel and what you want them to do. Then I’ll use my 30+ years of communication experience to deliver the words that make it happen. 

Why hire a professional writer?

Never underestimate the power of the right words to:




We're listening...


Communication resonates only when you get your audiences to sit up and pay attention.
I'll help you cut through today's clutter and noise with impactful and relevant messaging.




Steer your audience from glazed and confused to "Yeah, okay, I totally get that!" 
Complexity wilts when you tell the right story. I'll help you deliver comprehension, not just information.




Effective communication can directly shape your audience's attitudes and behavior.
I'll help you create desired outcomes with positioning, concepts and content to inspire action.

Read other people's nice words about what I do.

Larry has spoiled me with his insight and ideas for more than 15 years. He consistently makes my job easier and design solutions better. Consulting or writing, Larry provides creative abrasion that is F-U-N...and helps achieve brand results that can be seen, heard and felt." 

Shawn McCraw

 Principal, McCraw Design

Check out some of the words I've strung together for others.


Business-to-business communication is

different by nature.

But to be effective it can't be boring. 

What's on the menu?

Soup to nuts. Lots of meaty stuff.

Vegetables and dessert. Plus an amuse-bouche

or two. 

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